How Cornerstone Partnership Began

Founded 2016

It all comes down to a leap of faith and a touch of fate… Our 2 company Directors, Dean Starr and Gavin Mullaley, worked together in very high-pressure corporate roles for a number of years before going their separate ways. However, a shared passion for property meant their paths soon crossed once again at an auction – and even ended up bidding on the same property! Rather than competing with one another they decided to team up and work on the project together to develop their working relationship and form the vision.


Cornerstone Partnership is essentially an evolution of this first joint property purchase, aligned with another shared passion for wanting to help people most in need. Gavin’s faith also provided a spark of inspiration after donating one of his properties to a Christian charity and receiving it back in an extremely poor condition when their partnership ended. Then came the lightbulb moment. Surely there is a way to provide quality social housing, whilst still ensuring the property is kept safe, suitable and sustainable for years to come. This became the foundation of Cornerstone Partnership, and remains our focus to this day.


Working in partnership with local authorities and charities across the Midlands, our properties help ease pressure on housing waiting lists and significantly decrease local authority expenditure on emergency accommodation options, which is primarily hotels and B&Bs.


Cornerstone Partnership has currently delivered 153 properties across the West Midlands, supporting over 550 families and delivering over £1,900,000+ worth of savings to local authorities, which would have otherwise been spent on less suitable emergency accommodation options.

Positive Impact

This is more than just work for us. It is a collective mission to have a significant positive impact in ending homelessness across the region and in the UK. We aim to deliver a MINIMUM 1,000 homes by 2035.

Our Partners

A strong partnership approach is core to what we do at Cornerstone, and we’re very fortunate to have developed strong relationships to our existing partners. We’re always looking for like-minded individuals and organisations that want to make a difference, so please feel free to GET IN TOUCH

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